Evergreen Crystal’s Signature Etching Process

Evergreen Crystal's stunning products come to life through a meticulous, multi-layered etching process, which showcases the original designs by artist Lorraine (Lori) Coyle. Here's a closer look:

Sketching the Vision

  • Each piece is inspired by the hand-sketched designs of artist, Lorraine Coyle, who captures the essence of nature and wildlife in her work.

Layering the Template

  • A precise template is created from each sketch, serving as a guide to the intricate carvings to come.

Precision-Carving with Sand

  • Each crystal piece undergoes a detailed carving process, where sand is blasted at varying speeds and pressures by skilled technical artisans.
  • This technique gradually removes layers of glass, revealing the design's depth and detail.

Building Layers of Beauty

  • The carving isn't just one-dimensional. Each step of the etching process adds layer upon layer of intricate detail, creating a stunning 3D effect.
  • The number of layers varies with each design's complexity, and most designs are specific to product type and size.

Airbrushing Perfection

  • The final stage involves an airbrushing-like technique, adding the finishing touches and ensuring a smooth, flawless finish.

A Story Unveiled

  • With each step, the initial sketch transforms into a stunning work of art, ready to grace your home and tell its own unique story.

What sets Evergreen Crystal apart?

  • Multi-layered carving: This signature technique creates stunning depth and dimension, unlike other single-layer etching methods.
  • Hand-crafted artistry: Each piece is a testament to Lori's artistic vision and dedication to her craft.