Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist - Lorraine Coyle

Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains in her past Colorado home, Lori found inspiration in the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. As with many artists, sometimes design ideas just seem to reveal themselves to her, whether a sudden view of an aspen tree in full golden colors, or in the leap of a deer as it crosses her path.

Lorraine started her artistic career with pen and ink drawings, and as a young adult expanded her artistic talents to carving, and her interest in crystal art emerged. Soon she was etching designs into large glass sheets, to be used in doorways, windows, and as room dividers in buildings and homes across the U.S. Lori's artistic talent grew as did her reputation and her business acumen. Soon she began creating her art for such companies as Neiman-Marcus and Robinsons.


Lorraine Coyle is currently retired, living in Walton County, Florida. Her artwork and legacy live on in her work, available to purchase from fine gift shops and venues across the United States. Click here to learn where you can acquire a piece of Coyle's Evergreen Crystal works.

A Brush with the White House and Beyond. Important Works of Lorraine Coyle:

  • White House Commission: Unfurling Flag Vases for 1989 American Success Awards: A pivotal moment in the artist's career, this project saw her design a field of starry vases, presented to notable figures like George Strait and Norma Kamali at the prestigious awards ceremony.
  • National Press Foundation Awards: Custom-designed awards for journalists like Ed Bradley, Barbara Walters, and Ann Landers.
  • Rose Bowl Trophies: Designed the iconic trophies presented to college football victors.
  • Exxon Corporate Awards: Created awards for internal recognition within the company.
  • The Phoenix Golf Open: Crafted the trophy for this prestigious golf tournament.
  • 1984 Olympic Sponsor Prize Awards: Designed prizes for sponsors of the Los Angeles Olympics.
  • Anheuser-Busch National TV Ad Mugs: Created custom mugs for a memorable advertising campaign.
Meet the Artist - Lorraine Coyle