Arabian Horse Crystal Vase

$340.00 MSRP

Details and Specifications

Dimensions: 9.4 W x 8.9 H x 4.5 D IN
Weight: 5.7 LBS
Collection: grace
9.4 W x 8.9 H x 4.5 D
SKU: 031-WS-06
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The stunning Arabian Horse Crystal Vase features the graceful and telltale shape of an Arabian horse's head, with ears upright and mane flowing. The Arabian spirit is captured with grace and power and adorns the front of this stunning crystal vase. Bring the beauty of the Arabian breed into your home, perfect for displaying elegant bouquets or as a captivating stand-alone piece of art.

All of Lorraine Coyle's Evergreen Crystal works are signed by the artist to ensure authenticity.

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