Hoofed Quartet Oval Crystal Rocks Glasses, Set of 4

$190.00 MSRP

Details and Specifications

Dimensions: 3.5 W x 3.75 H x 2.5 D IN
Weight: 0.94 LBS
Capacity: 11 OZ
Collection: wildlife
3.5 W x 3.75 H x 2.5 D
SKU: 645a-NA-Hoof/4
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This set of four, intricately etched rocks glasses showcases the majesty of North American wildlife. Each glass features a different hoofed animal: a mighty moose, a majestic elk, a graceful mule deer, and a bighorn sheep. All of these iconic animals are captured with stunning detail by artist Lorraine Coyle. Perfect for enjoying a drink on the rocks, this set brings the wild beauty of nature right to your home. This set fits very well with the Elk Scene Crystal Decanter. 

All of Lorraine Coyle's Evergreen Crystal works are signed by the artist to ensure authenticity.

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